Students That We Can Support at ADO River ValleyStudents That We Can Support

ADO River Valley is widely recognised across all our service partners in supporting a wide range of flexible services to accommodate the immense challenges, conditions and needs of some of our students. We have proven experience in covering a far reaching range of different profiles that have been referred to us and our reputation far exceeds similar alternative provisions in the level of conditions that we can support.

Although we cover the majority of needs and conditions, there are a small number where by they are a significant risk to the safety of the students, their fellow students, on-site animals, and staff, that would disrupt and raise risks to the general operation of the School.

Conditions We Can Support

Following a successful assessment process for students, we can support those with mild to moderate levels of the following:

♦ Neurodevelopmental Disorders including Autistic Spectrum Disorder ♦  Alcohol Foetal Syndrome ♦ Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) and Developmental Traumas ♦ Learning Difficulties ♦ Communication Difficulties ♦ Attention and Over-Activity Disorders (ADHD/ADD) ♦  Varying Anxiety Diagnosis’s (Generalised/ Social/ OCD) ♦ Phobias including School Phobia ♦ Panic Disorders ♦ Mood Disorders ♦ Personality Disorders ♦ Emotional Dysregulation ♦ Self-harm or Suicide Ideation ♦ Self- Sabotage including Eating Difficulties ♦ Sensory Needs (hyper-hypo sensitivity) ♦ Fine and Gross Motor Skill Delays ♦ Attachment Disorders ♦ Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ♦ Tourette’s Syndrome ♦ Depression ♦ Abuse-Neglect Issues ♦ Memory Difficulties, including Cognitive Processing & Developmental Delay ♦ Low Emotional Intelligence ♦ Speech and Language Difficulties


Conditions We Are Unable To Support

We are unable to educate and support students with the following needs:

♦ Significant Suicide Risk ♦ Significant Risk to Others ♦ Students Who Would Cause Harm and Injury to Wildlife-Animals-Nature ♦ Complexed Psychotic or Schizophrenic Episodes ♦ Students with Significant Criminal Involvement ♦ Students with Complexed Behavioural Issues ♦  Low, Little or No Understanding of Risks ♦  PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) ♦ Continual Absconding From Site ♦  Non Verbal (not including selective-mutism), it is those who are unable to understand and relay risks ♦ Non Sighted ♦ Complexed Physical Difficulties ♦ Students with Incontinence ♦ Encopresis or Enuresis ♦ Complexed Incontinence Issues


ADO Terms and Conditions

The ADO River Valley team work very hard and always ensure open communication with the professionals and partners we take our referrals from.

ADO River Valley reserves the right to reject the referral of a student prior to or during assessment if they have an EHCP or exhibit symptons with conditions we are unable to support. Similarly if a student starts to exhibit any conditions once enroled and referred that we can not support during there stay with us, we have to right to terminate their placement.