Dress For the Great OutdoorsDress Code

As we pride ourselves educating in an outdoor setting, we do not currently have a set uniform in place for ADO River Valley. As we are a specialist setting, offering many outdoor subjects, a standard school uniform would not be practical or suitable for our students.

The Venue

ADO River Valley, Poets Corner venue has shelter, light and warmth for those winter days when the weather is cold or wet in our specially adapted timber classrooms. Similarly in summer, there are many areas to shade from hot and sunny weather, including woodland where the shade from trees within our basecamp areas is perfect for students to be comfortable.

Dress Code Requirements and Advice

The students will be learning all year around, so should be dressed for all weathers and temperatures. Designer clothing or any other clothing that is considerate special to the students will only get dirty very quickly, so should not be worn. More information can be found in our handbooks, HERE>

For all seasons, please ensure the student attends in base layers including
trousers or leggings. Skirts, shorts and dresses are not suitable for the Outdoor Education site as they provide little protection against weather and when in
the woodland areas. Sensible outdoor shoes are required, for example outdoor walking boots or wellies for wet or winter weather. CROCS, flip-flops or open toe sandals are not permitted as these are not suitable for our outdoor activities and do not provide foot support on uneven ground. In winter months, we recommend wellies should be worn with good quality thermal socks as this footwear can prove cold if worn for the full day. We request that students attend with an appropriate bag, such as a backpack to store their belongings. There will be water available for bottle refills. Hand washing stations are supplied throughout our learning areas and hot water stations are also situated in multiple zones, in addition to a functioning hot shower that can be used in specific circumstances. If a student turns up wearing inappropriate clothing either not conducive to the weather or the activities they will taking part in, ADO Staff have the right to request them to wear spare additional or replacement clothing that we have. If the child or young person refuses to wear these items and we feel this puts
them at risk from injury or illness, ADO reserves the right to request collection. The child or young person can of course return later in the day if they are then dressed appropriately. ADO students must attend with a full change of spare clothes to avoid any emotional dysregulation from any potential accidents that may arise. Students will have use of a locker for their bags during the school day.