ADO River Valleys Early Career Teaching Statement

At ADO River Valley, we pride ourselves on being a diverse community organisation that welcomes applicants and employees from all walks of life. We truly believe in the importance of providing Continual Professional Development for our employees and with that in mind we have enrolled multiple staff onto teaching qualifications such as the Level Five Diploma in Education and Training.

Developing employees and allowing them to train within their role is something that we have seen as an effective way of nurturing staff to benefit themselves, the company and of course our students. Current employees have a wealth of understanding on our core beliefs as an organisation. They have firsthand experience in managing our cohort of students and they have a measured realistic expectations on student engagement. We give our internal staff the ability to explore the wide variety of opportunities within the company, from education to healthcare, including therapy (many of them of choosing a diverse and multi-skilled role which enables them to access a huge amount of knowledge and experience).

We advertise all job applications on, and also on our website. If we employed an Early Career Teacher, we would insure that we provided a bridge between their teacher training and their career in teaching. We would ensure that we were monitoring them, providing them with support in abundance and we would ensure that we are following the Early Career Framework, and the Teachers Standards (ECT).

When working with ECT's ADO will aim to:

♦ Run an ECT induction programme that meets all of the statutory requirements underpinned by the early career framework (ECF) (September 2021)

♦ Provide ECTs with a supportive environment that enables them to grow personally and professionally, to be effective and successful teachers

♦ Make sure all staff understand their role in the ECT induction programme.

Each ECT will:

♦ Have an appointed induction colleague, who will have qualified teacher status (QTS) or be the scaffold between the ECT and external professional who will provide long arm support to the ECT

♦ Be provided with the necessary experience and support to enable them to demonstrate satisfactory performance against the relevant standards throughout, and by the end of, the induction period

♦ Have a reduced timetable to allow them to undertake activities in their induction programme

♦ Not have unreasonable demands made upon them

♦ Have a mentor that is experienced and well-prepared for the role

♦ ECTs will log their professional development

♦ ECTs will be assessed at two points throughout the year, one midway through induction, and one at the end of the induction period. These will be supported by regular progress reviews to monitor progress, to take place in each term where a formal assessment is not scheduled. The programme is quality assured.

Role of the ECT / The ECT will:

♦ Meet with their induction tutor at the start of the programme to discuss and agree priorities, and keep these under review

♦ Agree with their induction tutor how best to use their reduced timetable allowance and guarantee engagement with their ECF-based induction

♦ Provide evidence of their progress against the relevant standards

♦ Participate fully in the monitoring and development programme

♦ Participate in scheduled observations, progress reviews and formal assessment meetings

♦ Keep copies of all assessment reports.

♦ Fully engage in the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities hosted both by the school and the teaching hub and institution selected to fulfil the ECF requirements

♦ When the ECT has any concerns, they will: Raise these with their induction tutor as soon as they can, consult with their contact at the appropriate body at an early stage if there are difficulties in resolving issues with their induction tutor or within the school.