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Although not a constitutional requirement of a community interest company, ADO has always sought the expertise and guidance of our management committee to ensure governance and the development of our company complies to the ethical standards and the ethos we strive for. The committee has grown in recent years and is now a very experienced team of professionals across many disciplines and career paths. They are all fully onboard with our aims and objectives and have contributed immensely with the support we require for a growing education and healthcare provider.


The management committee meet four times per year remotely, unless an extraordinary meeting is required. They are not though a 'tick-box' committee. They have all genuinely been a part of our growth in recent years, so are all available individually as well as part of a group, to provide guidance, support and consultancy.

Management Committee

The committee consists of two ADO Directors, one ADO Executive Director (non-salaried), one ADO Associate Director and five independant professionals.

The three members below are all in senior positions within ADO and all have their own biographies that can be read HERE>

♦ Victoria McHolland-Pilcher ♦ Gary McHolland-Pilcher ♦ Katie Palmer

These committee members can be contacted as follows:

Chair of Proprietorial Body - Victoria McHolland-Pilcher


Senior ADO Members - Gary McHolland-Pilcher & Katie Palmer

gmp@adoservices.co.uk; kate@adoservices.co.uk

General enquiries should be made to education@adoservices.co.uk or by calling the main head office number on 020 8850 6778

In addition;

Charlotte Power-Mcleod - Charlotte is a non-salaried executive director at ADO. Charlotte's experience is in the youth service, predominately within the London Borough of Bromley. She has been a Senior Manager within the youth service for over fifteen years. Charlotte is part of the key decision making processes at ADO and provides expert support on funding, grants, goverment directives on youth and other children and young people initiatives for those that are NEET. She is key to organising regular events for children and young people to have free access to activities during half-terms and holidays at venues and parks all over the Borough of Bromley. She has also set up a partnership with Bromley Careers Service that ADO can use for its own young people as a careers advisory service.

Member of Proprietorial Body - Charlotte Power-Mcleod   

contact: charlotte@adoservices.co.uk

Sarah Holland-Leppard

Sarah is a Senior Occupational Therapist, with a masters in Mental Health. Sarah has been working in the NHS for over twenty years and is also the ADO clinical supervisor for our therapeutic staff. Sarah provides long arm supervision, guidance on changes to healthcare legislation and works closely with organisations including CAMHS and SLAM in the area. She provides focus and direction for our therapeutic services, and regularly visits our site to observe and advise in her supervisory capacity. She works very closely with the Head of Therapy on how we deliver our services to students.

contact: sarah@adoservices.co.uk

Chris Mcleod - Chris is now retired, but has had an immense experience in the past within social work. He rose to senior levels in the past dealing with some very high profile cases. He also provides a level head to our development ambitions with his astute awareness of scaling the business within its means. He understands young people and is aware of the challenges they have these days. As a tenor operatic singer, he has in the past visited site many times and sung for the children and young people, raisng their spirits. His own dog, Bella the Akita, is a regular visitor to ADO in the capacity of a therapy dog and although she is a large dog, the service users really bond with her..

Contact: chris@adoservices.co.uk

Mary Rouse - Mary represents the parental compliment to our committee, but is also a highly skilled individual with experience in Health, Housing, Education, Social Care and Community Development sectors. She is committed to the public sector and delivering quality services to those in need of them. She developed a particular interest in engagement and consultation work and was able to focus her MSc research on effective engagement in NHS services for people with learning disabilities. She completed a Diploma in Children and Young People’s workforce in 2013, which has strengthened her practice. Mary seized the opportunity created by the Free School programme and project managed the first Free School in her local London borough. The project was successfully delivered and continues to grow from strength to strength. She went on to become Project Director for the same Trust and received approval to open two further schools. In 2017 she was designated as a Specialist Leader of Education with expertise in business and financial management and Academies.

Contact: mary@adoservices.co.uk

Susie Coates - Susie has recently retired from the police force. Her speciality in the force in latter years was to work within the community to help build relationships in areas of deprivation, working specifically with children and young people. Her community spirit has always been a huge driver for Susie to work within communities that really need the help. Her police career was exemplary and her knowledge of law within the community and when working with young people has helped ADO craft their own policies and procedures. She is also a great outdoor adventure enthusiast and really loves the ADO ethos of learning outdoors whilst enjoying study. She is a regular walker and has completed some of the UK's most testing routes. 

Contact: susie@adoservices.co.uk

Sohail Choudhary - Sohail is a chartered accountant running his own business from London's city district and is the ADO accountant. Other than his obvious help with our own accounts, he is our financial advisor and is regularly in contact talking through our capital investments or project costs. Sohail has advised on many opportunities for ADO, including buying assets, buildings and the financial structure within the company. The straight talking accountant has often advised against certain expenditure and stears us down the right path to achieve our goals. He has many contacts within the financial sector and has helped us network for funding opportunities.  

Contact: sohail@adoservices.co.uk


e: education@adoservices.co.uk

t: 020 8850 6778Last Updated 1st February 2021

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