Making A ReferralMaking A Referral

When making a referral for a young person there are just 5 Easy Steps to follow. Our referral process is efficient and ensures that all the relevant information can be gathered to provide an accurate assessment so that we can make a decision on whether the young person is suitable for the setting and if so, we can tailor the learning experience to each individual needs.

Step One - The Referral

The Referral Form must be downloaded for completion by the relevant body, for example, School, Local Authority, Fair Access Panel or CAMHS. These can be downloaded below and are available as a PDF or a Word Document.

There are two versions depending on the service you would like to refer to. 

Referral Form for Alternative Provision - Word Version - HERE>

Referral Form for Alternative Provision  - PDF - HERE>

Referral Form for Therapeutic Day Service - Word Version - HERE>

Referral Form for Therapeutic Day Service - PDF - HERE> 

Both the Alternative Provision and Therapeutic Day Service follow the exact 5 steps but using different forms

The form needs to be emailed back to, either password protected or via secure email services like EGRESS switch secure for example.

Documents can be attached including any EHCP, relevant therapeutic intervention reports or previous educational provision reports that will be relevant for review and planning of the child or young person’s learning programme. The information requested within the referral form covers the following areas:

♦ Data Collection Including Medical & Psychological Background ♦ Previous Or Current Therapy Interventions ♦ Subjects Of Interest Relevant To The Learning Programs Available ♦ Short & Long Term Life Goals ♦ Social & Family Background ♦ Details Of Educational History & Achievements ♦ Current Educational Difficulties ♦ Effective Management Strategies In Use

Once we receive the information back the office administration team will be in contact to guide you through the next steps.

Step Two - Service Level Agreement

We contact you to discuss the case and requirements. We can also cover off any finer details required that may influence the referral. Before any services are offered an SLA will be sent to be authorised by the relevent individual or team responsible for the referral of the child or young person. 

The SLA forms the contract between ADO and the relevant body and by signing it means you are agreeing to the terms and conditions, including the financial terms.

The SLA will be emailed over to the professional making the referral and the individual named on the referral form as the person to handle the invoicing.

Once the SLA is signed and returned to ADO, we can raise an invoice and send it over for the upcoming assessment, the next stage.

Please ensure that as part of the SLA, the main contact for invoicing, has set up ADO on their accounts payable in house procurement system. Any delays in payment may mean your account could be put on hold and the child or young person will be stopped from attending.

Step Three - The Assessment

Our assessments provide a quality of service to ensure that we have all the necessary information to meet expectations of all stakeholders. There are two parts to the assessment, the first being a telephone assessment and the second part a practical assessment.

The assessments are chargeable and must be paid in advance in most cases as follows:

Digital Assessment - £50  ♦ Two-Day Practical Assessment - £500  ♦ Combined Cost - £550 

The Digital Assessment

The digital assessment follows on from the referral process and more in-depth information can be found HERE>

The Practical Assessment

The Practical Assessment is based at our Outdoor Education site in Welling. This is for the student to attend for our 9am-3pm day. as a trial and occurs over two days.

More Information on Assessments can be found HERE>

Step Four - The Review

Following on from the digital and practical assessments, the Head of AP will liaise with the AP team to determine how the sessions went. The Head will determine whether our site is suitable for the student and that we can ensure their, other students and staff safety on site. It may be deemed that our site will have too many risks for the student, so it would not be suitable for them as they would be putting themselves in too much risk. 

Step Five - The Agreed Duration and Offer Of A Place - The Admission

Following a successful review of the assessments, the young person will be offered a place at River Valley, subject to availability. Dependent on the ideal placement period and number of days required per week, a trial period of 2 days or longer may be agreed upon. This will precede the agreed overall duration as part of a contracted agreement. Each case will be offered on its own merits, depending on the child or young person's needs.

Each day at the AP includes a therapeutic session, which might be a group activity or 1:1 support, depending on the requirements of the student.

Get In Touch

If you would like to make a referral, please download the ADO Referral Form and email to ADO securely either by using document password protection sent by separate mail or a secure mail system such as Egress.

Please send the completed Referral Form to 

Referral Form for Alternative Provision - Word Version - HERE>

Referral Form for Alternative Provision  - PDF - HERE>

Referral Form for Therapeutic Day Service - Word Version - HERE>

Referral Form for Therapeutic Day Service - PDF - HERE> 

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