NEW BTEC - Business Studies

We have launched a new BTEC qualification for this coming new school year in September 2022. We are currently in the process of working through enquiries with a view to enrol students on this course in September. 

Please either CONTACT US or if you are a current customer or client then send an email to to find out more.

Outdoor Education

We firmly believe in the effectiveness of outdoor education. Our Poets Corner Centre is based within a 6.5 acre site in Welling, Kent, consisting of timber classrooms (one being specifically utilised for ICT-Business based studies) woodland, stream, grazing, food growing, gardens, activity arena, bushcraft - forest school – adventure sport zones, equine facilities and animal enclosures providing opportunities for an engaging and enriching curriculum, and BTEC studies that relate to vocational learning.

Although some may not see the relevance in studying Business in a setting like ours, we feel it is paramount that we offer it to our students. Many businesses are based upon companies running outdoor activities, sports and adventure for example. Our students have specific career aims and aspirations, many of which are related to our specialist subjects. We feel that offering Business Studies will enable students to obtain a well rounded view and understanding of their chosen subject and also the knowledge of how to take it further into their own potential business model in the future.

Potential Business and Career Paths for Students

As an example, our own students have suggested their own interests and potential business ideas as follows:

♦  Tree Surgeon  ♦ Food Grower ♦  Gradener or Horticulture Specialist ♦  Dog Groomer or Dog Walking Business ♦  Animal or Pet Boarding Business ♦  Equine Livery Yard and Stables ♦  Farmer  ♦  Personal Fitness Trainer

This is just a very few ideas where being on our unique site alongside studying for a business qualifiactions may be the perfect combination.


The Level 1 / 2 First Award in Business Studies is for students who have a passion or a career interest in the operations, back-office, financials or functions of a typical business. The variation of activities within the course will give students the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to explore business opportunities for a career in their chosen sector in the future.

The Level 1 / 2 First Award in Business Studies can be accessed by KS4 and Post-16 students.